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May 7, 2013
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“Zhere’s notzhing to do!!!” Gilbert complained loudly to his companions as Francis read and Antonio sucked on a lollipop while doodling on the back of a blank report.
“I don’t know what to tell you mon ami.” Francis replied running a hand through his silky blonde hair.  

He, however; glanced over to see Antonio not listening since he was totally enthralled in his drawing. After raising an eyebrow Francis asked, “What are you drawing zhere?”

The tanned male looked up and grinned cheekily. “Hahaha I was drawing myself rescuing a chica, that would be fun would it not?” The in a sudden swift movement Gil jumped up slamming his hand on the table.

    “Kesesesesesese, Ja! Let’s go rescue a totally hot Damsel!” Francis smiled and stood up along with Antonio, who had just recovered from nearly choking on his lollipop. “Oui!” The trio then raced their way out of the station forgetting to lock up.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Time skip brought to you by Gilbird<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

The trio walked about town looking for some helpless woman to rescue for hours on end.
“Zhis is so un-Awesome….Are zhere no awesome babes for the awesome me to rescue?” The albino sighed and flopped down in the grass. “Oui, Shouldn’t we have found some poor chéri in peril by now?” He flopped down next to Gilbert and gave frown. Antonio was still walking around. “Amigo’s! We can’t give up hope now! Have good faith, we’ll find our chica in distress!”

Just then a scream echoed from near by making the two who had been sitting down jump up and begin running after the Spaniard who was ahead of them. Just ahead they all saw a beautiful female with silky (H/l) and (H/c) run into an ally from a man with a ski mask on.

The trio ran in and all pulled out their guns aiming at the masked male who had pinned the woman to the wall.

“Move avay from zhe frau and drop zhe knife!” Gilbert narrowed his red eyes as he cocked his gun. The male did and put his hands up and dropped the weapon.

“W-wait you don’t understand-“ he was however cut off by Toni shooting the ground next to him. “Silence!” Francis put his gun back in his holster and kicked the knife aside before picking the female up bridal style, who was sitting on the ground shaking.

Just then her laughter broke out echoing in the ally making all the men look at her life she was crazy. Her (e/c) eyes were shut tightly as she continued laughing.

“Eh….chéri are you okay?” At the blondes voice she quickly regained control of herself. “I-I’m sorry it’s just that, you just interrupted a movie shoot.”

She pointed up at the top of the buildings where the whole crew was watching. Gilbert face palmed and Antonio tilted his head confused. “So…you’re not a damsel in distress, Chica?”

She shook her head just as the director called “CUT! WE JUST GOT SOME WONDERFUL MATERIAL!Besides when (Name) stared laughing…” She looked up at the director with her big (e/c) eyes and smirked.

“Hey now! If it weren’t for my wonderful scream these attractive cops wouldn’t have ran over here!

By the way Shane fainted!” She then smiled at the French man charmingly.

    “Sorry about all the trouble I caused you, why don’t you let me take you all out for coffee tomorrow morning?”

Antonio looked up from poking the fainted man to reply a huge grin on his face.

    “That would be great chica! Why don’t you meet us at the police station?”

Gilbert was just staring. “So…ve just fake rescued a movie star?” “Yes..?”

The female replied quirking an eyebrow.

“…..AWESOME! KESESESESESESESESESESE!” The Prussian male jumped and high fived the face before catching (Name) and running Toni hot on his tail.
cvcbcbcbzc I'm just going to y'know leave this here...
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